Friday, October 16, 2009

by Daniel Lepkoff
„As a maker of dances, a designer of theater and an improvising performer,
I am not specifically interested in presenting “dance” movement on the stage.
What is happening
at any moment,
I see as possible material that can be placed in a dance frame.
Each of us exists in an on-going physical dialogue with our environment,
tuning to the details and nuance of our own and
each others’ movement behavior and to the conditions of our present moment.
We observe, we feel, and we act.
We create our own images and
construct our own understandings.
Ordinarily this activity is unconscious.
In the theater I want to stimulate audience and performer alike to consciously and actively create their own images,
and so my work is designed not to tell the audience what it is they are looking at.
Inside of a moment of disorientation, of not knowing, lies an opportunity for a person in the theater
to create their own story.
In these times, we are surrounded by media images designed by others
to manipulate our attention and to control what we know and do not know.
As an artist, the performance event offers me an opportunity to create,
Empty Space.“

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